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Sika Deer

Sika are very intelligent deer with a inquisitive nature, often checking out the intruder before taking flight. This characteristic makes for interesting hunting and at times leads to their downfall.

The Sika rut is similar to that of the Red Stag and Fallow Buck starting late March through to late May early June. During the rut sika stags tend to head off the clearings early in the mornings and set up in the bush during the daytime where they will call frequently when the hinds are in season. Stalking in close to the action and setting up in a bit of cover then using a high-pitched “single call” (not too dissimilar to the elk) the sika stag can at times be lured to with 20 yards. They can sometimes materialise at close range without any noise or sound surprising the unwary or unseasoned hunter.

Activity can be frantic at times under the canopy of the bush with lots squealing, chasing and positioning done by dominate stags and contenders. This too is an experience that is so unique to the North Island and should be seriously considered while hunting with Wildside Hunting Safaris.