Fallow Deer

Often referred to as the little moose because of their palmated antlers the fallow buck has one of the most recognisable antler forms in the deer world. A mature buck usually lives a reclusive life 11 months of the year but come the rut is found out in the more open country making his presence well known and hanging out with the girls!

Fallow bucks rut from early April through to early May and during this time are very vocal and aggressive protecting not only their groups of does but also their territory.

Constantly on the move and always with an eye out for intruders stalking in close on a fallow buck can often be an all day affair but well worth the effort as the spotted cape and fine facial features along with the unique antlers will make one of the most attractive mounts in your trophy room.

Wildside Hunting Safaris has one of the best fair chase fallow herds in New Zealand with their origins being Hungarian.