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Red Deer

Red stags are magnificent animals to hunt, with their massive multi pointed antlers and rough manes strutting their dominance with vocalised pride. Similar to elk but usually with more mass and points Wildside's mature stags can score anywhere from the early 300s to 500 SCI. The antler formations and styles are vast at Wildside ranging from multi pointed topped racks to the massively tall racks with main beams over 50". There is a stag at Wildside for everyone of our hunters dreams and desires.

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Sika Deer

Sika are very intelligent deer with a inquisitive nature, often checking out the intruder before taking flight. This characteristic makes for interesting hunting and at times leads to their downfall.


Fallow Deer

Often referred to as the little moose because of their palmated antlers the fallow buck has one of the most recognisable antler forms in the deer world. A mature buck usually lives a reclusive life 11 months of the year but come the rut is found out in the more open country making his presence well known and hanging out with the girls!

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Sambar and Rusa Deer

The sambar and rusa stags start their rut period later in June and go through to late August. Unlike the red stags they are not as vocal and are less active during the daylight hours. Vantage point glassing is best employed to spot trophies and stalking in is then done very carefully.

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Bull Tahr

The mighty bull tahr in full winter coat is nothing short of majestic. The environment they inhabit and their ability to negotiate the wild country of the Southern Alps is breathtaking. Hunting these animals on foot is not for the fainthearted but definitely an experience that will never be forgotten.



Chamois like the tahr can be hunted all year round but best taken in their winter coats. Chamois are extremely agile and have a curious nature, combined with a lightning fast flight response makes hunting for them challenging and a very memorable experience.


Small Game

Small game like turkeys, rabbits, hares, possums and magpies are available to hunt free of charge when and where possible.