Wildside hunting Safaris offers both rifle and bow hunters’ a world class trophy hunting experience on both North and South Islands for all of the New Zealand’s top trophy species. Specialising in professionally guided hunts on New Zealand’s forest clad North Island. Not only for some of New Zealand’s finest Red Stags and Fallow Bucks but also for trophy species found ONLY on the North Island like the seriously intelligent Sika Stag and the secretive Sambar and Rusa Stags.North Island hunting is typically conducted on easy rolling to hilly bush country where “up close encounters” are experienced by the “spot and stalk” method of hunting. Usually offering at least one shot opportunity per day (for the bow or rifle) and is ideally suited for the hunter who wants to have the “thrill of the stalk” as well as taking the trophy of a lifetime. Wildside’s properties are also equipped for “still hunting” with treestands, platforms and ground blinds where wild game can be observed for most of the day. What ever your ambition or abilities are the professional team at Wildside Hunting Safaris can help make your hunting dreams become reality. Be prepared though for the most thrilling hunting experience New Zealand has to offer!

The hunting season gets underway in March and goes right through until August when the stags begin shedding their antlers. The rut period for the Red, Fallow and Sika is in our autumn (fall) with the Red Stags starting first in early March and then the Fallow and Sika follow at late March early April. Peak of the rut is around the first to second weeks of April when the “Roar” is at fever pitch. All three species are very vocal and often respond to imitation roars.

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